Pure Water Systems


How is “Pure Water” window cleaning different?


“Pure Water window cleaning” does not use any soaps to break up the dirt on your windows. Ultra-pure water, which has a TDS (total-dissolved-solids) reading of 0 (zero) is “created” on-site and used to dissolve and rinse away the dirt on your windows and frames.  We use the term “created” because water with a TDS reading of 0 does not exist in nature. “Ultra-Pure Water” is aggressive when it comes to removing dirt, because it chemically seeks out dirt to bond with, as water wants to return to it’s naturally dirty state. However, it is completely environmentally safe!  Houston/Spring water has a TDS range from around 300-500 (which is considered very hard, but not as bad as the 600-700 range in parts of Montgomery County). Thus a multi-stage purification system is needed. Pristine Windows uses a 5-stage purification system to purify the water from your home/business, which is then pumped up a Water-Fed-Pole through a small hose to the brush, which scrubs the windows and frames. After agitating all of the dirt with the brush, the dirt that was on the window, having been chemically bonded to the pure water, is rinsed away. You will notice that the windows are not squeegeed after being cleaned. Fret not, although you will see water drops on the glass outside, THEY WILL DRY SPOTLESS!


How is this better than cleaning with soap and a squeegee?


1. Any cleaning done with soap of any kind leaves a small amount of residue on the glass, even though it may not be visible to the naked eye, it will allow dirt and dust a surface to cling to. “Pure Water window cleaning” therefore keeps your windows cleaner, longer!

2. Water-Fed-Poles allow us to clean all of the exterior frames in addition to the glass, which means there will be much less dirt nearby the windows. So, if/when it rains shortly after you’ve had the windows cleaned you may be pleasantly surprised to see your windows will be virtually spotless.


3. In general this is much safer as the window cleaner will not have to climb ladders or walk on roofs to reach the exterior windows. Imagine never having to have anyone walk on your spanish tile roof and risk any possible damage again.


Will I have to pay more for “Pure Water window cleaning”?


Good idea, just kidding. NO, Pristine Windows will not charge more or less for cleaning a home with Ultra-Pure Water. We have made this investment for the good of all of our clients, current and future. We’ll handle the expense involved, you enjoy the clean windows!