At Pristine Home Washing we believe that our Transparent Pricing has been a major factor in us being the fastest growing window cleaning company in the state of Texas.  Instead of how some companies give you quotes based upon what neighborhood you live in or how big (Expensive) your house is, we actually count your windows and charge you the proper amount based upon how many panes of glass you have.  The same goes for all of the other services that we provide, we will measure out the area and give you an exact quote.

Prices are as follows:


  • Windows-Outside Only $4.50 Per Pane (Includes cleaning all screens and tracks)**
  • Windows-Inside and Out $6.50 Per Pane (Includes cleaning all screens and tracks)**
  • French Pane-Outside Only .85 Cents Per Pane (Pure Water System)
  • French Pane- Inside and Out $1.50 Per Pane
  • Hard Water/Calcium Removal $5-$10 Per Pane (only done upon request)

Pressure Washing

  • Driveways .15 Cents/SF  (Most driveways run anywhere between $95-$175)
  • House Washing  $2.00/LF  (Most houses run anywhere between $250-$450)
  • Roof .50-.90 Cents/SF (of Washing can run anywhere between $800-$1800 for the whole roof)(Low Pressure)


  • Cleaning Gutters $1.00 L/F of gutter (We only charge you per gutter foot not the whole house)
  • Gutter Repair – Price varies (Most simple repairs are between $40-$85 + Material Cost)

Roof Washing

  • We will come out for free and clean a section of your roof that you can see, and show you the difference roof washing makes.
  • You can get a rough idea of the cost based on the size and slope of your roof. The larger and more complex the roof design, the more work it will be to clean. Gross square footage and gutters will also factor in. The height of your roof may incur an additional cost. For example, if your home is three stories high, it takes a bit more work to get our professionals and equipment up there. Also the pitch of your roof is always factored in.
  • For Example: A typical 3000 square foot home with gutters will run somewhere between $800-$900.  Not bad when you figure a new roof for the same house would cost between $9,000-$12,000.

We Are also Insured To do:

    • Seal slate and tile flooring
    • Repair Screens
  • Restore glass shower doors

** Solar Screens add $5.00 Per Screen(First Story) / $10.00 Per Screen(Second Story)